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Our quality assurance

You expect the ultimate in safety and quality in your food products? So do we. This is why we strictly observe food law and the specific requirements of our customers. Our numerous certifications, such as FSSC 22000, are proof of that.

How we ensure food safety:

  • We thoroughly plan and monitor all workflows.
  • We consistently exploit potential for improvement in our methods.
  • We detect quality fluctuations and correct them early on.

Our certifications & collaborations

SALUPLANTA e.V., Bernburg
Association for promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants and spice plants

Fachverband der Gewürzindustrie e.V. 
[Association of the German Spice Industry], Bonn
Combines knowledge and skill in the field of spice processing. With more than 80 spice producers, it practically represents the entire sector.

Süderelbe AG, Hamburg
Süderelbe AG is synonymous with economics and property expertise in the south of Hamburg. In the business areas property and cluster development, it provides extensive services for companies, investors and public institutions in collaboration with local economic development agencies.

FSSC 22000

Our compliance with this standard guarantees food safety:

The FSSC 22000 certification, which is accepted worldwide, provides verification of a comprehensive management system for food and animal feed safety. FSSC 22000 is based on ISO standards, is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and enjoys a high level of acceptance in international trade and in the processing industry. The owner of the FSSC 22000 standard is a non-profit organisation – the FSSC 22000 foundation based in the Netherlands. Leading food companies have significantly contributed to the development of the standard, and continue to do so.

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The certification verifies that we also process and trade sustainably grown products.

Organic farming means much more than not using sprays: in organic agriculture, nature is by no means left to its own devices. Effective methods are used to improve the soil and give the crops optimum care. Since 2005, it has been mandatory for companies trading in organic food to take part in the control procedure under Community law in accordance with EU legislation for organic farming.

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Assured quality for animal feed: with this directive, we guarantee production quality in the manufacture and processing of feed for agricultural livestock.

Animal feed is a major factor in the safety of food of animal origin. In the Netherlands in the early 1990s, the organisation Productshap Diervoeder was founded, which developed a standard for the manufacture of feed materials. In the GMP+ criteria, the foundations of sound manufacturing practice were combined with the principles of the HACCP.

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We have been given this certification for our entire product portfolio. Followers of the Jewish faith can consume our items in compliance with their religious dietary laws.

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This certificate confirms that we and our international partners store and process foodstuffs deemed permissible (halal) under Islamic dietary laws. We have eliminated any risk of contamination with forbidden (haram) raw products.

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Code of Conduct - our SEDEX membership

As an international company we are committed to conduct our business in an ethical, legal, environmentally and socially responsible manner. We expect our worldwide business partners to share the principles which are expressed in our Code of Conduct, being defined here

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