Why choose Husarich?

Seven benefits of partnering with us

1. Extensive stock of goods

With Husarich GmbH from Hamburg, your company can remain flexible at all times: our availability of herbs, spices and seeds is one of the largest in the European spice industry - for reliable spot business and deliveries on demand. Quick reaction time is our strength.

2. Uncompromising quality assurance

For all of our products, we make absolutely no compromises when it comes to safety! For this reason, we use a supply chain and lab technology that has been optimised over decades.

3. Over 20 years of experience

Since our foundation in 1994, our owner-operated company has become one of the leading processors across Europe in our business sector. Our proficiencies allow us to respond to market changes rapidly – for procurement and sales alike.

4. Reasonable prices

How do we manage to provide high product quality at moderate prices? By working with lean structures and above-average efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of our direct procurement and sales channels and optimised use of software.

5. Competent consultation

Even the most valuable product is useless if it is not the right product for the customer. For this reason, our qualified staff provide extensive consultation regarding all the possible item variants and processing methods, enabling tailor-made solutions to be found quickly and directly.

6. Sophisticated logistics

Large warehouses that profit from Hamburg’s excellent infrastructure, guaranteed availability to meet customer needs: our logistics ensures that workflows run smoothly.

7. Approved raw material suppliers

For us, the origin of our raw materials is much more than just a spot on the map. We know our suppliers personally, regularly check their quality and realise joint projects to promote food safety in the countries of cultivation. In this way, we help to continuously improve cultivation processes and production.

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